Competitions are a fun and safe way to improve your flying skills, meet other pilots, explore new sites and get in to cross country flying. There are a variety of competitions available to you, from the informal Site Explorer to the competitive PG Open and HG Cross-Country Champs. The Site Explorer, PG Cross-Country Championships and HG Online Contest are on-going competitions that span the season while the Regional Competitions, PG Open and HG Cross-Country Champs are scheduled events.

Regional Competition

There will be an Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition 12/13 March 2016, with the following weekend as reserve dates.


This comp is FAI Cat-2 sanctioned 


I will NOT be updating details of it here, but rather on the Airtribune page here:




Ongoing Competitions

Site Explorer


If you look at the site guide, you will see over 30 launch sites listed. How many have YOU flown? Here is you chance to seek out and explore, and let everyone else know about it.

The Site Explorer Competition is open to all pilots HG and PG and those under instruction. All you have to do is:

  • Fly as many different launch sites from the Site Guide as you can between the 1st of September and the 31st of August
  • Record the site you have flown on the Site Explorer Competition Page.


Only one flight per site counts, so you can't go crazy flying Kario, although there are a number of launch sites you can tick off at Kario in one day ;-).

The Site Explorer Leader board will show who is currently in the lead. The winner will receive a suitable prize and kudos at the end of season party.

This competition is only open to AHGPC members so you have to login first. If you can't access the competition page even after logging on contact the website admin.

So, where the bloody hell are ya?


PG Cross-Country Championships

The PG Cross-Country Championships is a competition to fly the best cross country flights across the season. Details can be found on the NZHGPA Cross-Country Championships page. The competition is online at LeonardoXC.


HG Online Contest

The HG Online Contest is run on the OLC Website.


Scheduled Competitions

Details of the competition schedules for Auckland Paragliding and Hang Gliding can be found on their respective pages.

Check the NZHGPA competition calendars for information on paragliding and hang gliding competitions around the country.



Where are the waypoints?

If you are looking for the waypoint files for Auckland competitions then please get them from the PG Comp downloads area of the NZHGPA website...


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