Paragliding Competitions

You need to fly with a helmet, current WOF, back protection (for PG), UHF radio, reserve chute, altimeter and a GPS (read the GPS files below) for flight scoring. The Auckland/Waikato PG comps only require PG2 but let the comp director know if you are new to thermal flying. There will be experienced pilots available to help you out with site briefings and general guidance.

New Zealand PG Open

For the 2013/14 Season there are two rounds to the Paragliding Open, the premier paragliding competition in the calendar.

Round One is in Nelson, 24th Jan - 1st Feb

Round Two is in Rotorua, 21st Feb - 1st March

For full details and registration please visit the PG Open Website.


Auckland Club Regional PG Competition II

Was a success!! There was a task on Saturday, but the flying on Sunday was not a valid task due to not meeting the correct criteria (i.e. only two pilots got away)

December 14th/15th 2013

Contact Johnny: or 021 056 2275

Photos and post comp gossip here:

Results here, congratulations to Evan Lamberton for winning all classes (except women, which was won by Lisa Tobler)


Auckland Club Regional PG Competition I

The November 2013 Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition was a success.

There was one task, and the scores are here:


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