North Head change

As of the 18th of January 2019, the administration of North Head (official name now Maungauika/North Head) has transferred from DOC to the T?puna Maunga Authority (TMA)

TMA is the entity that was established in 2014 to co-govern the Auckland Maunga after the Treaty Settlement.

In short, North Head has transferred from being Crown land to private land, held by the Tamaki Collective. Up until now DOC has maintained management, but this has now been taken over by TMA.

Awhitu Peninsula Pest control operations: 1st jan - 31st Dec 2019


The Club has been advised by the Awhitu Peninsula Landcare Group that they will be undertaking a pest control programme from 1st January - 31 Dec 2019 that will involve laying cyanide baits along the whole of the West Coast cliff areas from Karioitahi Beach to the Manukau Heads Lighthouse. The area where the poison will be laid will be restricted to a strip of around 30m along the cliff edge. No poison will be laid on the beach or where easy access can be reached to the cliff edge.

Paeroa Range GAA extended

Our efforts have paid off. See below and attached.

Paeroa GAA

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New GAA's now available for Moirs and Pukemore

New General Aviation Areas are now availbale for Moirs (opens airspace around launch and over the back from 3,500ft to 4,500ft) and Pukemore (opens airspace around launch and over the back from 2,500ft to 4,500ft).

Refer attached pdf files for more details. These GAA's are active when approved by ATC.

Phone number to open airspace is 033581694. Contact at least 1 hour prior to when you want it opened.

Please liase with other pilots so only one person calls to open.

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Auckland Airspace Review 2014

Following last nights Auckland Airspace review meeting, all looks good for our Moirs Hill GAA ‘active by request’.

This was our proposal for a new GAA to increase the allowable height above Moirs from 3500ft to 4500ft.

There was firm opposition from airways and commercial operators for ‘active by notification’.

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Evan pulls out 50.7km from Moirs

Congratulations Evan, looks like a new PG record from Moirs. Fantastic flight.

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New Airspace Project Website

The Airspace project now has a new home - a website of it's own and and a lot of new functionality. You can now browse the airspace online, filter out items that you don't need, and download in the format you require.
You can find it at
The site will work on most modern browsers and even smart phones. It is not really designed for use in flight, but you can use it to refresh your memory on takeoff.

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Airspace files updated


A new set of airspace files have been published on the Airspace Downloads page. These have been updated to the latest version of the CAA Airspace Navigation Register (15th Nov 2012).

In this release new formats have been added. In addition to FA5 and KML we now have OpenAir and GPX formats, so the files can be loaded into much broader range of devices.

Also, in addition to CTA, GAA and MBZ the files now include CTRs.

Before using, please take note of the disclaimer on the Airspace Project page. If you discover any issues with these files please add a comment here so that it can be resolved.

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Cloudbase Google+ Community


Google+ Community: Cloudbase Flying

This community is for all Paraglider and Hang Glider pilots in the Auckland region to discuss things fly8ng related and plan flying trips. Let everyone know which sites you think will be working, organise car pooling and give a report when you get to the site. You can post your comments and recieve notifications via the web, email, smartphone or txt. Get in to the Google account settings to change your notification settings to make it work the way you need.


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Duders site news

HG pilots have 4WD access to the Duder north-facing takeoff site again. I have made contact with Paul, the site ranger at the Duder ARC Park. He is sympathetic to HG and is very helpful. His mobile phone number is 021-676-300. The land-line to the office is 536 6007. I find his mobile phone is a better way to reach him. Paul mentioned that hang gliding is one of the approved activities listed in the records pertaining to the use of the Duder park. Paul is on our side, so let’s make sure we can keep him there.

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