Flying at Kariotahi this Sunday...

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Who's up for a flight at Kario? (Come on, I know you want to......)

The Fencepost site forecasts 10% rain and moderate SW winds for
this Sunday 17th. Low tide will be in the afternoon, so if this
forecast is accurate, Sunday could be on for flying at Kariotahi!!
I'll have a better idea by Saturday how things will be.

More to follow...




Great flight today

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Hello All,

  Kario was perfect (after about 1:30 p.m. when all the squalls blew through. I helped Paddy with some students (ground handling 101) in return for a tow up. (My car got beaned by a beemer on Friday.)

The air was very bouyant. Got up to 1,200 ft up the coast, but didn't go across Hamilton's Gap on account of the SW wind and the fact that my skyfloater has very little penetration.

Got up to 700ft over the surf clubhouse it was so bouyant! Couldn't believe it.

  About 5-6 hangies turned up, and there were several more gliders on the beach being used for practise. I have never seen so many at Kario at one time.

  A great afternoon.




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