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Copied from a recent mailout from Rick. If you are a user of Waikato
sites AT ALL please read the below and familiarise yoruself with site
rules. Losing any site due to the selfishness of any individual will be
a very sad day.

Recently there have been several instances where pilots have not been adhering to site protocols.

Paeroa Range. Pilots have been entering the farm property without
signing the log book. There is no excuse for this as advertisements and
emails have been published and circulated. It's pretty hard to get past
the large sign explaining the site protocol.
Also vehicles have been traveling at ridiculous speeds on the gravel
access road with a recent near miss. A speed limit of 30km/h MAX is
more than fast enough to get up and down the gravel road. Use you head
and you will, A, live longer, B, not get banned from the site, and C,
not jeopardize the site for other responsible pilots.

Kaimais. I have reports of unregistered, unlicensed pilots ( both local
pilots and overseas visitors ) using the site. Any pilot caught doing
so will be banned from the site and referred to CAA.
The log book is not being filled in and the $5 fee is not being paid by
some pilots. There is no excuse for this as the Large sign clearly
states the site protocol and fee required. Currently Ian Diprose ( the
land owner ) is monitoring this situation closely and will identify any
pilots he suspects. Any pilots caught not obeying the rules may be
banned from the site.

I've got to say I am sick of hearing reports of the above type idiots
that are creating issues for site monitors such as myself and putting
access to our flying sites at risk.

Please pass this email on to all your flying contacts.

Rick Hawkeswood.
President Waikato Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club.

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