Moirs Sunday 26th

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The RASP is showing a WOO (Window Of Opportunity, sometimes known as a WOO HOO!) around 1300-1600, where the wind is forecast to drop to something like 10knts from the South and a Convergence straight-lines it North over Moirs.

So subject to tomorrow morning's HIGH confidence forecast, I am keen to head to Moirs. Is anyone interested?

supposed to be applying

supposed to be applying myself to "other stuff" tomorrow, weekends being as short as they are, but I'm watching developments on the sly ...  

Sunday 0700

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Although its got some West it is now stronger, and increasing, which makes it too marginal for me, so I look forward to next weekend.

The WOO HOO is now BOO HOO. Cry

Yeah pity about that changing

Yeah pity about that changing picture, eh?  Cry But no probs -  next weekend it may be ...


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Tony, are you heading south to the PG OPEN at all? The late week forecast looks awesome and you might just crack some big numbers. I will head down for a look but cannot fly with my injury which is a real bugger. Last year was awesome.

Not this year, unfortunately.

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Thought I would give everyone else a chance. Laughing

Can't make it as I have used up all my leave. (brownie points, cookies, fly buys, etc)

Was good for an early flight

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Was good for an early flight yesterday but the wind got up by about 1pm...

Yep, I went around there at

Yep, I went around there at about 1-ish. Strong SSW - a couple of guys with r/c slope soarer foamies were having a ball at the launch site, but that was about it  

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