AHGPC Easter Fly-in at the Paeroas on this year?

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Hello All,


Is anyone (AHGPC Committee?) organizing the annual fly-in at the Paeroas (camping at Waikite Valley) over Easter this year? (Last year the event was cancelled due to bad weather.)





All Things Considered...

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Gidday John,

Yes it was discussed in very cursory style last Committee meeting. It is certainly the intention to continue this tradition. When people are back from PG OPEN it will be a priority discussion.

The Open will either exhaust or inspire everyone to head back down there.

It would be great for the climate to play fair this year.


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Yep, EAP is one of my favourites. All I can say is that last Sunday we had an epic day at the Paeoras during the PG Open with a 53k task goal only missed by 3k (I think) by Wayne Rohrs. Paeroas can be a great place to fly if the weather is half decent and Easter can be a great time to experience some gentle end of season thermaling to wet your appetite for next year. I hope it happens.

Is there anything formal

Is there anything formal organised for this?  Ok for new PG2 to come down for a blat?  Have 4WD etc.

Call me a cynic...

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...but the forecast at this stage ain't looking too promising. Same easterlies as of late with cloud. Bloody La Niña…


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Well it does not look too good.


It is getting late to organise a full Armada on a long shot of inclement conditions...


Weather: 1Weather: 1


Weather: 2Weather: 2


Weather: 3Weather: 3



I'm not aware of any HG

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I'm not aware of any HG pilots who are planning on going (or flying anywhere else for that matter).


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I will stick the glider on the car in anticipation of a better than even chance of a fly at Glinks.

Looks alright for Moirs...

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Looks alright for Moirs... sun morning maybe

At this time of year I'm a

At this time of year I'm a fan of bigger hills. How about Kaimais Sunday and Monday?

I won't take the bait, but it

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I won't take the bait, but it looks like it may be light SE in central. SE skies are always good - anyone who goes to the Paeroas might just luck out...

We are still keen to go

We are still keen to go flying this weekend! John has a new glider to take out, his birthday present. Let's keep watching the weather. Happy Easter, :-)) Eva

Eva, keep us updated through

Eva, keep us updated through twitter.  I'm only an hour away, and I might come over.  Steve


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