RASP - how to improve it?

Mats, the guy that has done the NZ RASP pages (http://www.zakalwe.com/rasp/) had some comments and questions on this post: http://www.cloudbase.org.nz/node/1081

In regards to the guy who made the RASP/maps overlay images... does that happen often? There has been some work done on making that automatic by the RASP community, but for various reasons I've not implemented it myself. Do you think people would find that useful? Is RASP really accurate enough for it? In my mind perhaps some of the forecasts would be useful, like wind and such, but surely most of the derived forecasts like thermaling height, BL up/down etc are not accurate down to the level that that guy is looking at them?


Post your responses and I'll collate them and send them onto Mats.



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