Easter Monday and Tuesday Paeroas?!!

A bunch of us will be at the paeroas or Kaimais mon and Tuesday. We arnaysaying in Rotorua and will decide Monday morning whether we will meet 10 am at ngapouri road turn off or at the gate at the Kaimais. Or whether we go mountain  biking. 


Txt me your name an phone number if you want to catch up. Come in a 4WD if at all possible. 


See you,

:-) Eva



Jeff, Rodger and I will be heading for the Kaimais unless things change dramatically. Meeting in Matamata for coffee about 1015. We have a key arranged.

We saw you!

I was in Matamata with the in-laws for the weekend and was heading back to Auckland via the scenic route, Old Te Aroha Rd at the foot of the Kaimais.  We spotted two wings at about 2pm near Wairere Falls.  Parked up and watched jealously for a while.  Such beautiful weather!  Would love to see some video if you took any Smile

Good Spotting

Anand's picture

One was Evan and the other glider was me. Below  is the link of flight and I have uploaded 10 photos in leonardo - two photos of the falls.



An amazing day,  good call to go to Kaimas.





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