Active Weather Stations - which ones are live

Gidday, have tried the Kaimais and Paeroas numbers - didnt work.. have they been changed or are they "dead"

Also - after a RASP guru - whats the forecast for Paeroas Sunday 15 April?


Cheers - Ian

Kaimais number is 0221553419.

Kaimais number is 0221553419. I don't think the Paeroas is working.

Sunday was a nice day for paramotors once the drizzle cleared. Best way to learn about RASP is to look at wind and cloud forecasts even on non-flying days then compare that with what you see in real time looking at the sky.

Paeroa weather station

is working; I have just tried it. The number is 022 173 8153.

:-) Eva


As always - thanks to you guys - most excellent forum!

Tuesday was a good day for

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Tuesday was a good day for the motor too. Had a nice fly at muriwai beach :)

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