Yesterday, I met Bruce Vickerman at the training hill at Pukemore. He told me that the owner of the land we drive through to get to the top take off, and the "airstrip" part, has been a bit tense about the use of his land. 

Pukemore Sign: signPukemore Sign: sign

Long story short, Bruce negotiated for all pilots (thank you!) that we will not pay, but sign a log book at the gate which separates Gary's land from his. There is now a sign at the gate on the main track just past the landing field. See attached picutre. The sign explains all you need to know, e.g. how you have to sign into the log book and text your NZHGPA PIN numbers to the farmer. The farmers' name and numbers are on the sign, too. The boundry gate has to be closed at all times. There will be some restrictions of the use of the land during lambing season.

Do you know your PIN number? 

:-) Eva


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