South of Maioro

Jeff Ripley's picture
South of Maioro

It was time to explore a little further south from Maioro and finally see what was past the pine forest. The day was strong, fairly square and quite buoyant. The glide to the pines was easy, choosing to stay back on the higher back ridge. This ridge continues into the forest but the slope becomes a lot more gentle so care has to be taken that if one gets low they still have enough height to glide forward to the beach - about 600 - 800m in front.

I turned back about 1km from the sand mine at a large white marker in the forest (just visible in one of the photos). The glide back was slightly into wind to start with because of the curve of the land into the Waikato river mouth. After a slow crawl along the back ridge I was finally back at the farmland and to easier soring. 

Nice to see a little more of the coast.




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