Canadian Champs 2012 Task 4

Tony's picture

Kris: "Five Kiwis in goal for task 4! Matty Senior (3rd), Evan Lamberton (4th), Robbo, Robinson (22nd), Xen Zambas (26th) and Nick Stead (29th). Was a VERY slow start with a 3:15pm start for an elapsed time race with few thermals and lots of haze from forest fires, but the day improved into the evening. Land-by time was 7:30pm, and Rodger Kerr had to spiral down at that time!"

Task 4 Results

The first gliders are off!



Robbo Robinson in goal



Xen Zambas coming into goal



Nick Stead coming into goal



Xen Zambas



Nick Stead



Rodger Kerr


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