Canadian Champs 2012 Task 5

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Kris: "Just finished final day at Canadian PG competition. Had a four hour 15 min flight! Matty Senior and Evan Lamberton both in goal. Final day of the Canadian PG comp. Another "cats cradle" task, with a lot of pilots going down at the second turn point. Prize giving dinner kicked off at about 9pm and the winners of the comp announced at 11:30pm. "Pemberton Time" ruled until the end!! Denis Cortella won with Matt Senior coming second, Evan Lamberton came 6th.

Final Results




View of Lillooet River on my final glide on the final day of the Canadian PG comp! I came 31st (out of 73) overall - not bad for a seven year old "Fun Class" glider!



Welcoming committee!





Winner's painting


Video flying Pemberton

Just in case those of you who couldn't be there want some more torture here it is...

more torture ;)

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