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Hang Gliding Site Records and Others


Bridges -   Ian Clarke, 1994, 142.6km. Carried out during a drought and stood as NZ record for way too long. Took off in a strong wind from the low takeoff.


Moirs - John Turnbull, 1994, 128km. Flown 2 days after Ians flight.

Puketutu - Steve Elliot, 1995, 128km. Incredulous early afternoon Kaimais pilots were somewhat surprised during his flyby

Mercer (tow) - Steve Dwyer, 1999, 100km. 5 ½ hours with a firm cross wind all the way down the west coast to land south of Kawhia Harbour.

Five Fingers - Ian Clark, 1996, 92km. Scratched his way over to Dills before hitting the convergence and headed north


Muriwai - Carl Driessen, 2002, 81km. Landed round Maramarua. Very clever but early takeoff and late to bed required for this flight.


Muriwai -  Anton Lawrence and Steve Dwyer, 1980's, 83 km northern out and return at between 1' to 50' all the way. Turned around well into the Air Force bombing area. Anton relaunched once and Steve three times during the flight.

Logans (tow) - Geoff Green, 1999, 78km. Crap looking day but got on to the convergence

Kariotahe - Ian Clark, 1999, 55km. Landed somewhere just short of the Firth of Thames


Kariotahe - Anton Lawrence, late 1980's, northbound crossing of Manukau Harbour entrance and landed at Watapu

Dills - Debbie Corbett, 1985, 41km. Landed at the turn off down the hill to Murawai beach. Debbie had only had a couple of days thermaling before this flight and spiralled down from 3500' for landing.

Drury - (next to gliding club) Mike Dwyer, 1982, 33km. Good effort on a Vampire from a 150' hill

Dark Summit - Anton Lawrence, 1992 ish, 10km ish. Scary landing at Waiwera.


Mt Wellington - 1980, 11km. Two pilots flew from the Mount right over the city, tiki toured out toward Rangitoto before making a landing approach over a North Shore bowling club. They were spotted but surprisingly no serious ramifications.


The Winged Warrior - this tremendous annually awarded trophy for the longest flight from an Auckland site by an Auckland pilot between Jan 1 and Dec 31. Until today this it had been "lost" for 10 years on Carl Driessen's mantle piece. See attached photos. I suspect some of the longest flights from 2003 to 2011 were done by paraglider pilots. If for some strange reason such a thing still appeals in our digital age, tell me before it is engraved. 

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