Dills & Moirs Weather Stations

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Are up and running again with new numbers

Dills 0220619057                                      Moirs 0220626380


Thanks Don for your help



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Thanks for getting these up and running. May see you at Moirs today?


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Thanks for getting these up and running.

Cheers for that Don.

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Do we need to re-calibrate the Moirs W/S for direction - it seemed to be reading more westerly than the wind was blowing. And do the phone numbers in the weather section of this site need to be altered. Out of interest - what's involved in keeping the stations up and running continuously? Do the numbers change regularly or is it because the club has to change the account due to an error in the simcard or non-payment of the bill, or something along those lines?

i will try and remember to

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i will try and remember to bring a compass next time to see how far it is off, changing the direction is not easy so may have to put up with a alteration if it is off. it also averages over 10 min.

we use to have sim cards that would last for ever, but it looks like someone at Vodafone has slowly cut them off, we are back to pre pay cards at the moment which only last a year if not toped up.

As for keeping them up and running, when they work they work other wise there is a long list of things that can go wrong,

Theft, broken cup on anemometer, cable chafed, mast blown over, solar panel stolen/broken, battery dead, sim card dead, water in connections, fittings rusted/broken etc.

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