Beyond Murawai

steved's picture

Not long before dark last night (it was averaging around 25 knots prior), in an 18 to 20 knot wsw John Burnett flew from the Maori Bay carpark across the Bethells gap but didn't progress any further due to impending darkness. At the very north end of Bethells he had 2000' was well out in front on a topless hang glider with full VG on and made the 4km cross wind glide easily. Given a bit more light I suspect the run to Karekare and back was very much on. The Murawai to Karekare and return run has been about 5 or 6 times in very similar condtions on previous generation gliders. Carl Driessens site record (81km) was done in early March on a topless glider, in almost identical condtions. But if you are planning to do this flight an early takeoff is required and a study of the airspace behind Kariotahe. If the number of land outs is an indication, it would appear that this run may be more difficult in a more relaxing 12 to 15 knots but bouancy under clouds will also have a part to play.

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