Revised competition rules and updated ladder

The PG competition ladder has been updated to include results from the 4 leagues held so far this season. Individual competition results can be found on airscore:
For the NZ league in Canada
For Auckland
For Craigieburn
For Wairarapa

It is good to note that 39 individual pilots have entered the leagues so far.

The PCC and Nationals organiser Derek Divers have been working hard to update the competition rules. Please take the time to read the new rules. Some of the changes pilots should note are the inclusion of "jump the gun", an option for organisers to include "altitude points" in a stopped task and clarification of start cylinders, goal vs speed section and run reports. Both old version and the new version are available on the comps page until the required 2 week notification period has expired. If you see an error or wish to question any of the changes please contact me or another member of the PCC.

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