Country Code

We depend on good relations with the farmers who own the land we fly on. Here are some guidelines to I ensure that they will allow us to continue on their property.

  • Always check with local pilots before flying at a new site.
  • Always ask owners permission to use a site unless you are absolutely certain that the owner allows use of the site without asking.
  • Check again for permission in spring time in case of lambing, etc.
  • Ask permission to take any vehicle onto a property. Put all pilots and gliders in one car rather than have a convoy of vehicles crossing the property.
  • Do not abuse the landowner if permission is refused.
  • Use styles and gates where possible, if you must cross a fence, cross at a post or strainer post (not on battens).
  • Drive slowly, especially near stock.
  • Leave all gates as you find them.
  • Don't land in paddocks containing stock or crops.
  • Avoid hay standing or cut unless permission has been given to cross it.
  • Never ever light fires.
  • Do not disturb plants or machinery; move around it.
  • Leave no rubbish.
  • Never take dogs onto any farm or property.
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