Auckland Region PG comp 2/3 March 2013

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Hi Folks,

Okay this is it... I am taking the plunge and officially calling an Auckland Regional Competition for the coming weekend:

Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd of March 2013

There are no reserve dates for this competition. If it's on it's on, if it's off it's off.


The weather looks good but it is too early to tell yet where we will head but likely sites are:

* Dills Hill

* Moirs Hill

* Kaimais

* Paeroas


I will advise on the evening of Thursday 28th Feb 2013 at 20:00 if the comp is on or not.


The scoring will be done using Airscore and therefore it is imperative that you load the Auckland/Waikato waypoints into your vario before the event.

Use this link: and choose the waypoint files called 2009 Waypoints.WPT or Waypoints 2009.gpx. It's also useful to print and bring this file which is the textual description: TurnpointList2009.pdf


You need to fly with a helmet, current WOF, back protection (for PG), UHF radio, reserve chute, altimeter and a GPS (read the GPS files below) for flight scoring. The Auckland/Waikato PG comps only require PG2 but let the comp director (Johnny) know if you are new to thermal flying so he knows who he has a chance of beating. There will be experienced pilots available to help you out with site briefings and general guidance.

If you are intending to come but are new to comps (or haven't done one for a while) please familiarise yourself with the rules etc on this page:


Feedback is good.


More info soon.






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