NZ PG Open 2013/14 - request for bids

The PCC is soliciting bids to hold next seasons NZ PG Open. 

If you would like to organise the competition next season please get in touch with the PCC ( at the soonest opportunity. 

The deadline for submitting a bid is midnight on the 30th June 2013. 

My apologies that, due to an oversight, notification of this deadline was not given before 21st of April as per the rules. 

The PCC will neither confirm nor deny any details of bids that may have been made up until the deadline. 

Please pass this information on to anyone who you may think wants to organise the national competition. 
Anyone seriously considering it should make themselves familiar with the rules. I have pasted the section on Nationals selection below. 

Potential Organisors of a NZ Open Rounds should 
send their submittion to the PCC by the 21st of April 
each year, or as otherwise notified by the PCC prior to 
that date. 

The locations and dates of the following seasons 
events will then be decided by the PCC and published 
in the next available Airborn and on the Competition 
page of the NZHGPA website. 

When selecting NZ Open Rounds, preference should 
be given to having one in each island. It is also 
possible to have one in Australia. 

Preference shall be given to competitions that meet 
the requirements of FAI Cat 2 and are sanctioned by 
the FAI. 

If there are still vacancies for NZ Open Rounds after 
1st September, they may be awarded on a "first 
come, first served" basis, provided that the 
competition meets the requirements of the PCC and 
each club can be notified at least 2 months before the 
competition starts.

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