Auckland Regional Paragliding Comp - November 9th/10th 2013

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I am calling an Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition for the weekend of November 9th/10th 2013. All qualified pilots are welcome.

Likely sites will be Moirs Hill, Dills Hill and possibly Bridges Hill. We are also prepared to take the comp to the Paeroas or Kaimais if it looks much more likely to get good flying there.

The location and meeting place will be briefed here on the evening of Thursday the 7th of November 2013.

Registration will be on the hill.


For this comp you need to use the NEW waypoints file if we are staying in Auckland.

If we head to Paeroas then you will need same Paeroas waypoint file.

You can download these files here: and upload the correct one to your vario on the Thursday night when we announce the comp location.


Any questions, please contact the Comp Director, Johnny Hopper on or 021 056 2275

Remember -

  • Reserve Parachute & Harness Back protection compulsory
  • Minimum PG2 rating.
  • 3D track logs from a GPS is required for flight verification. If in doubt contact the comp director for confirmation.
  • Radios are required by all pilots. UHF 40 channel (PRS) handhelds will be used for the official competition frequencies

Note the updated waypoint files!

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Please note that the waypoint files for this comp have been updated!!!

Download the latest Auckland waypoints here:


As usual, all info about the Auckland Regional Comp will be posted primarily on the Google+ Cloudbase Group.

Here is a link direct to the group event:





Location - Kaimais

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The comp is on. We will fly at Kaimais.

From now on all information will be posted on the Google+ event only...


Contact Johnny Hopper on 021 056 2275 or if you need anything.



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