WOF 2013 / 2014

We are running a FREE Auckland Club WOF night with BBQ and drinks on 9 October 2013, at Vauxhall school, Devonport. Please check the details - and book in! - on our website.

:-) Eva at Wings & Waves


021 727 013


Cool I do appreciate

Cool I do appreciate this.

I am really anticipating for

I am really anticipating for this! I hope this will be a good night for us!

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That's great. Will this WOF night be for hang gliders as well?  




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Yes. this will also be a HG WOF evening (unless it is raining in which case it will be rescheduled).

Hopefully Michelle will be there!

Change of wof time

We can now only use the school hall at 4 pm rarher than 3pm . If the weather suits, we can do lots of wof a outside but if it's raining, we will be struggling for space. Be patient. Bring drinks and BBQ stuff. 

Was unable to attend while flying in Manilla

Are these inspection nights a regular thing? Do I just wait for another night to come about? I can't get a WOF right now as my PG-wing is damaged again, waiting on line replacements from Europe. Where do I find details as to what is considered "airworthy"? I still consider my wing to be airworthy as it is only the line sheaths that are gone.

Thank you for the updates and

Thank you for the updates and keep on posting for the future use.

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