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The Airspace project now has a new home - a website of it's own and and a lot of new functionality. You can now browse the airspace online, filter out items that you don't need, and download in the format you require.
You can find it at
The site will work on most modern browsers and even smart phones. It is not really designed for use in flight, but you can use it to refresh your memory on takeoff.
There are more features planned for the future such as a bounding box filter and individual selectors to help you to get the list down to the size that will fit into your flight instrument, so watch this space.

very cool, thanks, Wayne!!!!

very cool, thanks, Wayne!!!!

This looks really good,

This looks really good, thanks! I see what you mean about an announcement... Do you have any plans to add military and danger zones? Are you hoping to move to a 28-day cycle at all?

Other airspace types

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Yes other airspace types are on the plan. I will probably start with transit zones as there are a few that are close to common flying areas, but they all should be fairly easy (the ANR format is a lot more consistent than the old format). Howerver in the short term I plan to do some flying for a change.

When I click on

When I click on it says Page not found, looks like link is broken.

Just copy and paste...

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Just copy and paste that link ( in your browser address bar.


Or try this updated version here:


Wayne's Wickedly Cool NZ Airspace Project

Broken link

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I have fixed the link at the top.

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