This year's AGM will be held on 18 December 2013 on the summit of North Head with the BBQ starting at 1800. We'll kick the meeting off at 2000 with the evening concluding at 2130. Pedestrian gates are locked at 2200.

 Best parking is on the street. Parking is available on North Head however the gates will be locked as normal at 2000 and unlocked at 2130 for us to remove our cars. The gates will be locked between 2000 and 2130 so feel free to park at the top if you don't mind staying until the end. 



 The club is putting on a BBQ as usual so all you need to bring is your choice of drink. If you have any nominations for the committee positions or awards, please send them through to me. 

Les will be posting the financial statement here for you all to see before the meeting. 

Hope to see you all there.













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AHGPC Accounts added

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Refer to the attachment to the club notice for this years accounts.

Please review these as we will be asking that they be approved at the AGM.

that's an very early finish

that's an very early finish of the night. Does that work? If you have the meeting part start at 8pm and have to be out by 9.30 it makes it quite a rush.


Can we asked for an extention? Or have an after-party?

The park pedestrian gates are

The park pedestrian gates are locked at 10 so if we stay longer, Stefan has to unlock the gate for us. Since people will want to leave at different times, Stefan would have to be continually running down to play gate keeper which he doesn't want to do. The BBQ starts at 6 so there is socialising before the meeting starts. We don't have much business so the meeting should be pretty quick. 

GReat evening!

Thanks so much for an amazing evening, great folk, amazing views, thanks for all the cooks and all.


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