40th Anniversary - Reunion

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NOVEMBER 1st, 2014

THIS SATURDAY, be there. Get your tickets NOW!

Or buy your ticket at the door $25.


 Online available until Noon.

Eventbrite - AHGPC 40th Anniversary Reunion

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10 Days In

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And we've got 19 people interested.

Surely there are more out there.

If you haven't registered your interest yet, please do.

We need to know the numbers. Current and once were members.




Do you have old H.G pilots sush as Ron Hanley ,Al Kearney ,Rick pointer and other people fron pacific kites ltd coming . The Auckland club was going in 1973 but was called '' N Z hang gliding ,,,,,,,,,," Is this stuff recorded or lost over time and do you have pilots still flying from the early seventies ?

Yes we certainly do.

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We are slowly creating an archive of old records, photos, film, newsletters, stories, for posterity. Paddy Monroe would be the longest standing current member. Not sure when he joined. If not when Adam was a boy, late seventies maybe. Will have to ask him. Follow the Reunion Tickets link above to see a list of people who registered their interest in attending. Regards Tony


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Ron Hanley, Al Kearney, Rick Poynter are all registered along with many others who were there in the early 70's.

The magazine archive is underway and Denny Marett has written a weighty tombe on club history between 1970's and the early 90's.

We will be having plenty of PG/HG video/photos from 70's till present day playing in the background on the night. Also we will have a presentation on Auckland hang gliding manufacturing (all those still alive and in the country will be there) and paraglider/hang gliding competition/xc flying in Auckland over the ages (almost everyone mentioned in the presentation will be there).

If you would like to read these, text your email address to 0272909776 I will forward you the research for the manufacturing and xc/competition history presentations which are interesting. These will be posted on this site after the reunion.

We a few crossing the Tazi, from the South Island, Northland Tauranga and Waikato. You are more than welcolme to come if you can face the trek north.

photos for the reunion

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I've set up this email for any photo contributions to get a place in our planned photo book which will be produced for the AGHPG Club's 40 Reunion 1st Nov 2014.

Anything/anyone with a link to the Auckland Club preferably with names/location/date/comments etc to go with the photo.

I've had a couple of fantastic photos so far so dig out your old/new photos - even if they have to be scanned, either Tony Cowley or I can do this if needed.

Hang gliding and paragliding/parawaiting or even any other spinnoff flying variant that club members may have got into :)


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