New Moirs Hill weather station now online


The club has recently purchased a new Holfuy solar-powered GSM weather station capable of providing real-time data that is accessible online. On Wednesday 12 March, myself, Rodger and Di removed the existing weather station at Moirs and installed the new station in its place (the intention is for the old station to be installed at another site that we currently don't have live weather data from, as it's still perfectly functional).

The data from this station is available online here:

A basic mobile version of this website is also available for smartphones here:

The new station provides a range of data, so go to the website and have a play around to view the various options. Note that the unit of measurement (km/hr, knots or m/s) can be changed by clicking on the links next to the measurements. The data on the graphs can also be zoomed in on by using click-and-drag to highlight an area of the graph that you're interested in. Double-click to return to the original scale.

Holfuy, the manufacturer of the station, is keen to get feedback and suggestions on new features to add to their website or fixes that need to be made, so leave them in the comments below and I'll forward them through.

A big thanks to Rodg & Di for their efforts in getting the new station up and running.



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