Auckland Airspace Review 2014

Leslie's picture

Following last nights Auckland Airspace review meeting, all looks good for our Moirs Hill GAA ‘active by request’.

This was our proposal for a new GAA to increase the allowable height above Moirs from 3500ft to 4500ft.

There was firm opposition from airways and commercial operators for ‘active by notification’.

In saying that Airways felt confident they could manage the GAA provided we give reasonable notice (min. @30 minutes) they will be able to approve opening. This works in our favour as we request it early (say 8am for 10am opening) meaning we can activate it prior to driving all the way to the site.

We will have to resolve a method of only one person phoning to open the GAA but I'm sure we could manage with a few nominated people to contact and using txt and/or Goggle+ to let everyone interested know.

Looks like we have also succeeded in getting the Parakai MBZ greatly reduced down to 3NM. We tried to push for 2NM but understand that is too small for the operator to effectively use. It will cut into our XC flying from Dills site as it means we have to stay east of the main high tension power lines when heading SE between Kaukapakapa and Hellensville so may require some cross wind flying. Note the airspace east of the high tension line is 3500ft whereas in the new MBZ it is only 2500ft. Also if the new GAA proposal below is opened then east of line become 4500ft. We really have to consider getting airband radios for flying through this and other MBZ’s. 

Of interest to us also is the new GAA proposed by the Sports Aviation (gliding) club out of Whenuapai (which we supported). This is a large area of the north shore increasing from 3500ft to 4500ft Active by request. Airways were not overly keen but it looks like proceeding with a review in 2 years. How often it is able to be opened we will have to see but it will only be on exceptional gliding days when sailplanes want to head up north and return to base.

Watch this space as the new maps come out later this year in time for next season's flying.

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