Annual PG WOF

This is the annual FREE Auckland Hang Gliding and Paraglding Club’s WOF evening, run by club safety officer Reuben Muir of Wings & Waves.

Tuesday, 14th of OCTOBER

4.30 to 6.30pm

at the hall of the Bayswater Primary school, top of Bayswater Avenue. 


The club will do a sausage sizzle at the same time. 


Annual WOFs are a legal requirement in NZ. At this same time, this is always a good opportunity to catch up and find out what’s new.


Please let us know if you will be there.


See you then,

:-) Eva and Reuben



Tony's picture

Is on the way.



It's October, not September

It's October, not September as I mistakenly wrote last night!!! 

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