PG WOF tomorrow

Don't forget: WOF night tomorrow, Tuesday 14 October, 4.30pm at the Bayswater primary school hall. 

If you drop me an email, I will send you the WOF forms by email, so that those who know a bit about their gliders, can do some of the checks beforehand to speed things up. I'll attach it to this post as well. 

If no nothing else, lay your glider out, and check both top and bottom surface for holes, rips, each seam etc.

We suggest that you do the WOF even if you are not due for one right now. That way, you get a free WOF this time and next year as well. PLUS, you wil probably score a FREE club sausage!!

WOF PG - opmf36 new.pdf14.43 KB
WOF harness - opmf36a.pdf15.64 KB
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