Muriwai weather station now online


A new online Holfuy weather station has now been installed on the southern point at Maori Bay (where the windsock is located).

A big thanks to Stefan Sebregts for supplying the metal pole and fabricating the brackets and also to Tony Seaman and Andy Spierer for helping me to install it in 40 km/hr winds!

Live data from the station can be accessed here:


Location of weather station

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I don't know where "the windsock" is. Is the station up on the cliff?

At the moment (11:06 p.m. 9/11/14, the new Maori Bay station is reading 10.7 knots SSE, while the regular West Coast station is reading SW (224 degress) and 5 knots. (I noticed today that the new Maori Bay station was reading "south" for most of the afternoon.  

Weather station location

It's up on top of the cliff at Mike Currie's place, which is on the point to the south of Maori Bay. You can see the location by clicking the 'Show On Map' link on the weather station's main page.


I'm not surprised that the Maori Bay station is giving a different reading from the West Coast Rd one. That station has always been a fairly poor proxy for conditions at Muriwai, given the micro-meteorology at the site caused by the shape of the cliffs. Hopefully this new station will make Maori Bay that bit safer to fly, since it's now much easier to tell what the true wind direction is before launching.

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