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Hi NZ pilots!


I'm coming over for a month from Sunday to Dec 6th and have managed to carve out some potential flying days on our travel-group guided adventure:


11/15 Rotura - maybe free to fly

11/22 Franz Josef - free day
11/24 - 11/25 - Queenstown - free days 
11/30 - Kaikoura - maybe free to fly
12/3 - 12/5 - Auckland - free to fly
Feel free to Pm me if you can help me rent or borrow a glider and get to a flying site.  Any and all help getting me in the air over your beautiful country will be most appreciated!  I'm happy to hire a driver or rent a glider if it means I can fly :)
I'll have a harness, chute, and helmet + vario and radio.  I have a hang 4 rating and typically fly either a sport 2 175 or a moyes litesport 5.  I weigh about 215 lbs.   I've been flying the coast and mountains of northern california for about 4 years and did my first competition this Summer.  
All the best
~Zach Hazen

Hi Zach, Given the weather

Hi Zach,

Given the weather forecast for the next week I would say your best bet for some flying will be when you get to Queenstown. You can get information for visiting pilots and contact details for instructors who can help you with the licence and local rules here

I hope you have a great trip.

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