Bethell's Beach (O'Neil's Beach)


Bethell's Beach is located on Auckland's West Coast between Piha and Muriwai Beaches accessible by taking Bethell's road from Swanson on the Northern end of the Waitakere Ranges. Arriving at Bethell's beach the actual site is to the north of the beach by climbing the first headland around to O'Neil's bay. Launch is either from the centre of the bay or top of the ridge.

Glider Types: 
Site Rating: 
PG2 + 60 hours
Site Type: 
Wind Directions: 
Access Conditions: 

The farmer who owns the property has concerns over our activities disturbing stock and has asked that we check with him before entering or flying - check with the site monitor.


PG.: Be particularly aware of the possibility of turbulence from the headland located to the South. Particular caution in the event of wind change is required as any change and strengthening to the South results in no safe landing options remaining. For the same wind direction and conditions there are much more friendly sites available. The site is now not often flown.


This site is located in VFR Transit Lane T156 with a flight ceiling of 1500 feet A.S.L.

Site Monitor: 
Alan Hills - ph 09 570 5759 Mob 027 398 2345
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