New GAA's now available for Moirs and Pukemore

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New General Aviation Areas are now availbale for Moirs (opens airspace around launch and over the back from 3,500ft to 4,500ft) and Pukemore (opens airspace around launch and over the back from 2,500ft to 4,500ft).

Refer attached pdf files for more details. These GAA's are active when approved by ATC.

Phone number to open airspace is 033581694. Contact at least 1 hour prior to when you want it opened.

Please liase with other pilots so only one person calls to open.

We suggest that when opened, you place a notice on Google+ 'Cloudbase flying', (unless anyone has a better idea?).

It is usually most convenient for HG/PG?s to “auto-deactivate by Civil Evening Twilight” (CET) which is half an hour after official sunset. If the use of a GAA concludes sooner than CET or the extra height provided by the GAA is not required, every effort should be made to deactivate the area at the earliest convenience. If it is not AUTO-deactivated at time of requesting an activation, it is imperative that the GAA be deactivated.


14-ASD-26 NZG 152 Moir Hill eff 13 Nov 14 - 3 Sep 14.pdf370.05 KB
14-ASD-49 NZG 272 Huntly eff 13 Nov 14 - 3 Sep 14.pdf409.87 KB

New airspace files are available

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The airspace database at has been updated with the new GAAs for the Auckland and Waikato regions.

airspace files / heights

some of the heights for the airspace listed on the below website are incorrect. eg, NZA147 ( Paeroa to Thames ) has lower limit of 9500, it is actually 6500. there are numerous other errors, or am I viewing them incorrectly?


NZA147 is the large airspace

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NZA147 is the large airspace that covers the top half of the north island. I think you are thinking of NZA243 which sits under NZA147. You need to use the elevation slider in the filter panel to filter out the higher level airspaces then you can examine what is underneath. Slide the top slider down to 9000 or so and NZA147 will disapear, then when you mouse over NZA243 you will see its details.

New Airspace code release

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By the way, I have just released a new version of the application. It now supports all airspace types for New Zealand. Also the data set has been updated to 05/03/2015.

New features will be coming soon too.

Check it out at

GAA G674

Hi Wayne, thanks for the work done on this, much appreciated, I use the airspace data on my vario and on Google Earth. Just so you know the GAA at Baring Head in Wellington (G674) follows the coastline between the two points on the coast, rather than just being a thin triangle.

Thanks and regards



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Thanks Ian.

There are quite a few airspaces with geoborder segments (boundaries that follow coast lines, rivers, roads etc). When I first built this system I didn't have access to geoborder info so these are approximated with a straight line which works pretty well I most cases. I now have the geoborder info so I will be adding support for that sometime. 

Cheers Wayne.

Cheers Wayne.

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