New GAA's now available for Moirs and Pukemore

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New General Aviation Areas are now availbale for Moirs (opens airspace around launch and over the back from 3,500ft to 4,500ft) and Pukemore (opens airspace around launch and over the back from 2,500ft to 4,500ft).

Refer attached pdf files for more details. These GAA's are active when approved by ATC.

Phone number to open airspace is 033581694. Contact at least 1 hour prior to when you want it opened.

Please liase with other pilots so only one person calls to open.

We suggest that when opened, you place a notice on Google+ 'Cloudbase flying', (unless anyone has a better idea?).

It is usually most convenient for HG/PG?s to “auto-deactivate by Civil Evening Twilight” (CET) which is half an hour after official sunset. If the use of a GAA concludes sooner than CET or the extra height provided by the GAA is not required, every effort should be made to deactivate the area at the earliest convenience. If it is not AUTO-deactivated at time of requesting an activation, it is imperative that the GAA be deactivated.


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