Duders (Whakakaiwhara) Peninsula

Take-off height at the northerly site is 280 foot A.S.L, normally in front of the trig, although the bowl immediately to right can be used also.
HG vehicles to be kept to a minimum. Drive slowly up the track towards the Trig. Park before the trig. DO NOT DRIVE PAST THE TRIG because the road there is subsiding and there are serious OSH issues involved. In other words, there is vehicle access to the northerly site, but you have to park before you come to the trig.   
When the wind is square in (northerly) the whole Peninsula can be flown, if it is off to the north west or north east it will be marginal going around to and back from the eastern end. Take-off heights at the south easterly site is 180 foot A.S.L, adjacent to the top dressing fertiliser bins. The best top landing is also in this area so vehicles should be parked as close as practical to the bins.


Located adjacent to Umupuia Beach, between Maraetai and Clevedon, 4.4 kilometres south from Maraetai.


P.G.: Beach under the Northern site there is no opportunity for beach landing between half and full tide similarly under the south eastern site bottom landing at between half and full tide is minuscule. H.G.: If bottom landing on the southeastern side beware of trenches across the paddock round the corner from launch.

Glider Types: 
Hang Glider
Site Rating: 
HG Intermediate
PG2 + 30 hours
Site Type: 
Wind Directions: 
Access Conditions: 

The Whakakaiwhara Peninsula (both north and south eastern sites) is an Auckland Council Regional park and access permission should be obtained first by referral to Paul the ranger on mobile 021 676 300 or site monitor as detailed below and private and business phone numbers. Permission should be confirmed from the ranger before taking any vehicles into the park and only the minimum number of vehicles should be taken. Arrange to go in convoy, the balance of vehicles being left in the parking area before passing through the padlocked gate. The ranger is particularly concerned over pilots flying on their own. The rules do not permit this anyway but please respect this request or we are likely to lose the privilege of flying here.


Owing to the gentle contours of the south easterly site it is mainly soarable in stronger winds and often there is a fine line between the site being soarable and becoming too strong. For paragliders the North site is rated PG2 but the South East site is rated PG2 plus 30 hours. For hang gliders both sites are rated Intermediate.


This site is located within CTA/C with a flight ceiling of 1,500 feet, and the south easterly site is located within low flying area number L261 so be aware of other aircraft below Ridge height and close to the hill.

Site Monitor: 
John Burton 09 528 3362 (call me for the gate combination)
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