Stolen Glider

Hi guys,
I'm Simon a paraglider pilot travelling NZ for two months.
Unfortunately on 16th December in a car park in Wellington someone broken the car glass and stolen many things including my paragliding equipments.
At the police station during the report they told me that probably the thief would try to sell the wings at a second hands store or on web.
Sincerly i don't think that the thief recognized what specifically was in the backpack, as he took all the backpacks and bags in the car indistinctly, anyway is VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT THE WING IS A PROTOTYPE AND NOT SAFE TO FLY WITH !!!
below the details and a picture:

Icaro wing prototype speed fly
Yellow and red on top surface, white on the bottom surface
Reversable advance harness green and black
Icaro jet limit paracute.

Please anyone will see the wing please contact the police station in Wellington (Sergent Daniel Hughes) or contact me at +39 331 9152891, i'm in the south and  leaving from Christchurch on 2nd Feb.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thank you to everyone and have a nice fly!


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