New online weather station at Dill's Hill


Yesterday the old windtalker at Dill's Hill, which hasn't been operational for a while, was taken down and replaced by a brand new Holfuy online weather station, to join the two that we already have operating at Moir's Hill and Maori Bay.


The Dill's station includes a humidity sensor that allows cloudbase height to be automatically calculated, so this can also be used as a proxy for cloudbase at Moir's Hill.


Thanks to Alex Ianovski, Alexey Kryssov and Andrew Cavanagh for helping with the installation and to Rodger Kerr for lending us his ladder and tools.


The link for the site is below, so make use of it!









Andrew unbolting the mast97.8 KB
Alexey, Alex & Andrew190.66 KB
Alexey, Graham & Andrew190.42 KB
The finished result92.14 KB


Dills station offline

Unfortunately the Dills station is currently offline due to a technical issue. I have been in contact with the manufacturer and we will be trying to get it rectified as soon as possible. 


I'll up a notice when it is back online. 




Dills station online again

Myself, Rodg & Di headed up to Dills late this afternoon to fix the weather station, which is now working fine again just in time to measure the wind speeds from Cyclone Pam. 


We also added a short length of steel to the top of the mast to act as a lightning rod to help protect the station. 


Hopefully there are no more glitches in the future!

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