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Hi there All, 

Hope everyone had a good break and new years.

Apon our return back to Auckland 4 weeks ago, we found that some scum-suckers had broken into our house and stolen everything of value.

With what was stolen there was some PG and PPG gear, which includes -

1) A tandem paragliding harness, in very good condition. Fitted with Ozone spreader bars and charley quick outs. Type Advance Pro II, colour dark blue and grey with a yellow strip.

2) Two Fresh breeze paramotor props, with covers. Props are two piece, Black.

3) Flying overalls, black and red.

4) A Fresh breeze Paramotoring harness, black colour. with one swing arm removed. Tool bag in one pocket.

I have hopefully managed to attach a photo of each item.

Please if you see any of this gear around, contact me or your nearby Police.


Regards Chris Allen

027 444 5526




Stolen harness.JPG23.86 KB
Stolen props.JPG127.65 KB
Stolen overalls.jpg62.06 KB

The PPG harness is an older

The PPG harness is an older model of this one.PPG harnessPPG harness

I am soooo sorry to hear

I am soooo sorry to hear that, that's horrible! In the past, quite a bit of such stolen gear showed up at the Cash Converters around Auckland. The police doesn't seem to have time to contact them, but it could be worth it. 

We will certainly keep an eye out for it, sometimes they are stupid enough to call us to move things on. 

Take care,


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