New Android app for Holfuy weather stations

Holfuy have now released an Android app to get real-time data from their weather stations. 


We currently have three of these stations, at Maori Bay, Dill's Hill & Moirs Hill, with another one currently being delivered for Kario. 


You can download the app for free from the Google Play store here:

That's a very cool app. Ya

That's a very cool app. Ya gotta love smartphones!

Holfuy data in Paragliding Map

I have worked out an agreement with Holfuy to display all their data on, and also the Android and iOS apps. Within a few days this information will be available automatically as part of the free app, and the data will be used to calculate flyability.


How to get the apps:

Google Play:





Craig Payne

That's awesome Craig. I was

That's awesome Craig. I was hoping that you'd manage to come to an agreement over use of the data. Integrating it with Paragliding Map makes a lot of sense.

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