Gubbs Farm

A ridge facing NW, needs a quite bit of wind to  stay aloft hence it is  sometimes a little rough.


This site is located on the top of the ridge 11 kilometres West South-West of Kaipara flats off of the Warkworth to Tauhoa road. Alternative access available off State Highway 16.

Glider Types: 
Hang Glider
Site Rating: 
HG Intermediate
PG2 + 60 hours
Site Type: 
Wind Directions: 
Access Conditions: 

Before flying the site approach should be made to the farmer and site monitor. Farmer details Mrs Lewis, Ph:09 4224923


P.G.: This site has been flown very little by paragliders with the result that no real experience has been established although several occasions have proved conditions can be quite turbulent.

H.G.: Not often flown by Hang gliders.


This site is located in the outer perimeter of CTA/C with a height restriction for 4,500 foot A.S.L.. Before flying this site Kaipara flats air-field must be advised of your presence - refer to airspace comments at front of the guide.

Site Monitor: 
Site Achievements: 

In a league competition Craig Collings threw his reserve at around 200ft after a large collapse. Most pilots elected to land shortly afterwards - this site hasn't seen much action since then!

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