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By the time you read ths you may have seen the hg pic in the Herald's Sideswipe column of someone landing at Kario. The writer complained about a glider coming in to land directly over them while they were on horseback.


We do stretch the rules a little landing where we do - officially we're supposed to land further up the beach from the car park, but there's never been an issue. I hope this doesn't change it.


Landing anywhere near horses should be a no-no though. There's rarely an excuse for it - you've got plenty of time on approach to size up ALL the hazards coming in - be it walking families, cars coming back from Port Waikato or those effing dickheads on the dirtbikes (which the writer also complained about).


Please check for horses on the beach as you're thinking about coming in (i.e. when you're still several hundred feet up) and adjust your plans accordingly. (PGs as well).



Hi Dennis, the site

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Hi Dennis,

the site info states that landing within 50 meters of the grass de rig area is not ok. Is that info not actually


Kario Landing

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I'm not sure what the exact distances are, but the reality is that everyone tries to land as close to the derigging area as they can - partly so you don't have to carry the glider far, and also as it's seen as a measure of your skill in 'spot' landing.


Personally I've no problem with that, but at the same time, obviusly there are goping to be more people on the beach closer to the car park, than further to the S. Thus you should be taking extra care to make sure you're not inconveniencing anyone (and yourself) as you try to land in an (occassionally) busier spot.

Horses should be avoided whereever they are. There might be a couple of horses right in the place where e're supposed to be landing - but they should have right of way at all times.

I guess this is just a reminder that preparations for landing - i.e. scoping out the traffic on the beach, and where it is going to be a few minutes ahead iin time - is a process that should start when you're still a few hundred feet up, not just when you're doing your last turn on whatever approach you're taking.

safe zone

From memory, what is in the site guide is correct, that is what was agreed with beach users and the council. I thought for HGs it is a bit of a no brainer to land away from the busy part of the beach, since horses, pedestrians get worried easily. There are always the other 30km to land on. :-)

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