Working Bee at Bridges September 12 or 13

Working Bee at Bridges September 12 or 13.
For those looking forward to this seasons cross country flying look no further than this Monday
Metservice is forecasting 15knt SE winds and a sunny day, Just perfect for Bridges.
So we, the AHGPC have organised a working bee to get Bridges ready for a potentially great season.
I have walked up the track and found no pine trees down! There are a few Pampas grasses on the way up that need poisoning and a bit of trimming to be done on the way up to allow for easy  car access.
On the last incline before the top gorse bushes need to be cut down on the side of the track..
At the top, trimming is needed to make the area in front of take-off   clear.
Bring along your own garden tools to do the job and your lunch. The club will supply some tasty beverages after the work is done.
The day will be advertised on Cloudbase and Google + on Thursday the night before the weekend.
We will meet outside the old fire station at 10am.
For further information contact Jeff Ripley or Mark Alton     


Its ON Saturday!!!

The weather will be fine for the Bridges Working Bee this Saturday. Meeting at the old fire station on West Coast Rd at 10:00am.

Bring your lunch, water bottle and your Redbands. Most of the work will be clearing the track and the front of take off, so bring any equipment you have for scrub removal.
Tasty beverages supplied after the hard work has been done.
See you there.

Bridges Working Bee - Thanks!

Bridges must be the most worked on site with the least flying done from it. But the pilots that turned out today could see the cross country potential that the site has and were willing to give up a day and put some effort into getting the site flyable for this coming season.

After last night’s rain the track was very wet but the foliage was trimmed back  to make it easy for 4x4’s to pass up when it dries out in the next few months. Cutting the foliage back from the track will also allow it to dry out quicker. Once the top was reached the grass in the set-up area was cut and then the area cleared directly in front of launch.

All present were rewarded with the satisfaction of a job well done and the promise of a possible great cross country fly when it comes on from the SE and also by a few tasty beverages outside the old fire station at the bottom.

The next step is to put a wind vane in at the bottom of the cut in the trees so that it can be seen from take off to make sure the wind is coming straight up the hill.

Many thanks to all who contributed.

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