Anyone interested in a new inland site?, NE facing take off, possible top landing, 600 ft AMSL AND close to Akld?

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Get on Google Earth, type in Gregory Road Waitakere Auckland. Go to the last house on the road......... look NE from street view. Nice bowl with bowls either side linking into a nice ridge with thermals generated out front fairly regularly according to a source who also has a nice paddock for landings.

Owners contracters have just finished a logging operation and the owner has the land on the market. Anyone know the Haines house haulage family?. They own the land and with some TLC could open up the gate to a great new site.


PS you have to use google earth, ordinary google maps will just show you pine trees from street view as the last camera car that went through did so before the trees came down.


Unfortunatly this area is within the Whenuapai CTR and then becomes an MBZ when they are off watch. It's a shame cause there are lots of potential sites in controlled airspace around Auckland

Yes, the airspace is as you

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Yes, the airspace is as you say BUT the controller at Whenuapai is an ex hang glider pilot and a very knowledgeable guy tells me that he may just be open to requests....

Whenuapai CTR

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This area is within NZA 155 Whenuapai CTR is Class D airspace and extends from the surface to 2500 feet. Outside ATC hours of watch, the WP CTR reverts to uncontrolled (Class G) airspace, and mandatory broadcast zone B172 becomes active. i.e. you have to be on airband radio to fly here.

Leslie Graham

 AHGPC Airspace officer

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