This site is not often flown now with a better alternatives available.


Located just South of Piha on the West Coast and off the Piha road.

The hang glider take-off is on the cliffs between Piha and Karekare and the paraglider take off is at the Southern end of Karekare beach.

Glider Types: 
Hang Glider
Site Rating: 
HG Intermediate + Cliff Launch
PG2 + 60 hours
Site Type: 
Wind Directions: 
Access Conditions: 

South Karekare: Walk to southern end of the beach to the first bluff. Head upstream approx 50m, scramble up through trees and bushes untill you reach a level area at about 100 ASL.


The hang glider take-off is not suitable for paragliders because of rotor close to the edge.

The Karekare launch should not be used if the wind is strong and coming from further north than NW. There has been a near-fatality from rotor caused by the point at the north end of the beach.


Located in CTA/C with flight ceiling of 2,500 foot A.S.L.

Site Monitor: 
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