This file can be used to view airspaces in 3D using Google Earth. You can fly through the airspace you intend to use to familiarise yourself with it before you fly. If you have GPS track logs you can load them into Google Earth at the same time and check to see if you have made any airspace infringements.
If you don't have Google Earth installed you can obtain it at Then just click on the file below to launch Google Earth and load the airspace. You can turn individual airspaces on or off in the panel on the left. Leonardo is a easy way to convert your track log into a Google Earth kml file if you want to view it on Google Earth at the same time.



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Well done Wayne. Looks good. Just in time for the start of the season. Hope to see you on "the hill" sometime.

Hi everyone



I just got directed to this forum.


I've been working on exactly the same thing myself. My approach has been to use software to extract the data from the CAA's PDF files, and then build KML files from that. The beauty of this approach is that it's possible to generate new charts as often as CAA changes their airspace definitions. My Google Earth files look very similar to the NZ_Airspace.kmz file you've got here, except that I chose to make my polygons translucent, so you can see the ground through them.

Not sure how to attach files here, But all the KMZ files, current as of right now, are available at

I've pretty much completed that, and am on to the next stage of the project... building a website based on Google Maps and using the same data for NZ flight planning. You can see the current, still-a-work-in-progress, version at Longer-term plan is to also integrate wind information into it as well, so that you would have a complete NZ flight-planning solution on the Net. And to be able to take the plan that is created and load it into a GPS.




Hi Frank.   Looks good. A lot

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Hi Frank.


Looks good. A lot of work been put into it.


I put it into Google Earth (Mac version), but when you choose to show the CTA's and your say flight track, the track isn't visible as one has flown underneath the zone. I need to zoom in and go 'under' the zoon to be able to see the path.


Is there a setting to change the opacity?


Cheers Alex


> Is there a setting to

> Is there a setting to change the opacity?

Yes, unfortunately opacity doesn't work correctly in Google Earth.

You can set it to zero by right-clicking on the file (e.g. Control Areas (...)), choose Properties, Style/Colour tab, set Area Opacity to 0%.


Good work

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You've got good coverage of the different airspaces. My files are automatically generated off the CAA files too. One thing to be careful with is the effective date of the airspaces. You have airspaces in your files that are not currently in effect. I'm keen to see how the web site develops.



Each of the airspaces has a

Each of the airspaces has a comment associated with it -- click on the name in the index or on the icon to see the comment. I use these comments to document discrepancies between my files and the CAA. airspace definitions.

e.g. CAA describes Military Operating Area NZM102 as being activated by NOTAM, and with an upper limit defined by NOTAM. With no way of knowing whether these airspaces are active or not, I arbitraily chose to display it all the time, and with an upper limit of 5,000 feet.

The same applies to changes in airspace... several changes happen on 18 November e.g. NZA651Woodbourne is shut down, and NZA655 Woodbourne comes into effect. I've decided to include all current and future airspace in the files, so any airspace that expired before 13 August won't be in the files. Again, these time limits are described in the comments. The KML reference does allow for timespans to be defined for placemarks, but I haven't had a chance to play with that.



Hi Frank,

Thanks for all your hard work!

I just downloaded the GA areas for GoogleEarth and have noticed that the altitude for GA750 is set to only 500ft.  So it doesn't display correctly at all.  It should be 4500ft.




Hi All,

Thanks for your work on scripts to download these airspace files, you may note that at present the NZA142 sector overlaps a portion of the NZG275 Ardmore GAA which of course is permanently open during daylight hours. Therefore the lower 2500ft limit of NZA142 does not apply in the NZG275 Ardmore GAA during daylight hours.

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