Airspace Project

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AirspaceAirspaceEver tried wrestling with a paper map in-flight? Ever wished you had spent longer looking at that airspace map before you took off an hour ago? These little frustrations may be a thing of the past - you can now take your airspace maps with you, packaged neatly into your map capable GPS.

I have spent the last few months building software that can convert the CAA's airspace definitions into digital maps that can be loaded into your GPS. These maps are available for download from this website are are free for all to use. The maps include CTAs, GAAs and MBZs across all of New Zealand, with other airspaces planned for future releases. Only Garmin GPSs are supported at present, but other GPSs and Google Earth are also on the todo list.

These maps will help you to be aware of the airspace you are flying in and to fly legally. I have used early versions of these maps in-flight during competitions and found them very useful. They tell you not only what airspace you are in, but also the location of nearby airspace boundaries allowing you to optimise your flight path.

Read more and get your downloads from the Airspace Project pages.

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