Change Log

4 31/03/2015

  • Added support for all airspace types used in NZ.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Updated airspace data to 05/03/2015

3  4/11/2013

  • Completely rebuilt with new web interface and database.
  • Added support for CTRs.

0.4 8/1/2013

  • Updated files to CAA release 15/11/2012.
  • Added support for reading files sfrom the CAA's new ANR format.
  • Added support for OpenAir output format.
  • Added support for GPX output format.

0.3 24/8/2008

  • Added support for Google Earth (kml) output format.
  • Fixed an altitude handling bug that affected some of the MBZ's and GAA's. Refer to the issues page for more detail.
  • Refactored the code that handles airspaces with multiple sectors to produce more accurate results.
  • Added support for the effective date attribute so that only airspaces that are currently effective are written to the output.
  • Updated the exe file that was missed in the previous release.
  • Updated the source data files to the latest version published by the CAA.

0.2 19/7/2008

  • Added support for Brauniger (fa5) format.

0.1 15/4/2008

  • Initial release supports CTA, GAA and MBZ airspaces.
  • Produces polish map format files that can be converted and loaded into Garmin GPSs.
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