Airspace Map

This page contains a 3D map of New Zealand airspace. Currently CTA, GAA and MBZ are included. You have the option of viewing the airspace using either the Google Earth desktop application or the browser plugin.

To view this map on the Google Earth desktop application you need to download and install Google Earth. Then click on this icon to load the airspace map

To view the map using the browser plugin scroll down to the map on the page below. If you don't have the plugin installed click on the map and follow the instructions to download and install it. You will need to have Javascript enabled to use it.

Use the controls on the map to zoom in, tilt the view to horizontal and fly through the airspace. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish the different airspace boundaries, so try turning specific airspaces off or on using the tree below the map.

If you want to load the airspace files into your GPS then check out the Airspace Project pages.

  • All data and information contained in any of the data files are provided without guarantee as to their completeness or correctness. Any conclusions drawn from these data and information are the sole responsibility of the user.
  • This information may not be accurate or current and is not valid for navigation or flight planning. No warranty of fitness for any purpose is made or implied. Always consult the official publications for current and correct information. This service is provided free of charge with no warrantees, expressed or implied.

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