Paeroa Range GAA extended

Our efforts have paid off. See below and attached.

Paeroa GAA

Les & Jeff - Some awesome news for the Paeroa Range submission - We got the extended GAA:


Page 10 paragraph 2 -  Paeroa Range NZG458 will be extended to the boundaries as proposed by Auckland Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club. The amended GAA will still remain active when approved by ATC.

See attached PDF.



Les & Jeff - More excellent News to our objection; Air Nelson have withdrawn a request to extend the northern boundary of the Taupo MBZ B471 in the vicinity of the GUMAN Waypoint see bottom page 11.

Page 11 paragraph 2 - NZB477 Taupo The Taupo RNAV (GNSS) RWY 17 approach is being redesigned and the hold relocated within the existing boundaries of NZB477. Air Nelson has withdrawn the request for the extension to the north.

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