Mt. Manganui Beaches Bylaw 2007

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Beaches Bylaw to limit use for landing?

Sorry for the shock intro, but now that I got your attention.......
The Tauranga City Council's draft 2007 Beaches Bylaw proposed enacting certain limitations to their use.
One of the clauses proposed was restricting "aerial" activity except in cases of emergency.
If this clause was enacted literally, it would mean that landing on the beach as is normal practice would have to stop.
I and a number of others made written submissions to the TCC requesting clarification and objecting to the limitation of our activities.
The TCC have responded in writting in a "Submissions Report", where they state:
"Clause 12.2 of the draft beaches bylaw does NOT ban paragliders and hang gliders. It states that they must not be dangerous or cause inconvenience to other users of the beach.......Hang gliders and paragliders etc. are allowed provided they are not dangerous or causing inconvenience to other beach users."
The final wording of the bylaw has yet to be drafted but it looks as though our use of Mt. Manganui will not be affected.
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